desktop vs laptop witch one is best?

You are buying DESKTOP or LAPTOP but you don’t know which one can you buy. Before you comper desktop vs laptop first you choose the category like you are a college student or gamer, employ etc.before you buy desktop or laptop you see the budget. Desktop vs Laptop witch one is best for you because you are a gamer as well as strear then this selection is very difficult.

The first most important part is price and laptop price is high as comper to desktop because in the desktop you buy the different PC components like processor, graphics card, ram, PSU, etc. You buy the components on a different website or offline market. You can’t choose components on laptops because the branded company is launching the laptop. You increase the quality and quantity of laptop then cost also increase. you increase the quality and quantity at a better price.

For gaming, you must have a better processor and graphics card. You get high graphics performance then you go for desktop because desktop gives better performance as comper to the laptop.

The laptop size is small that’s why you can’t decrease temperature as comper to desktop. In desktop, you get more space to attach the cooler fans and decrease the desktop, you get many cooling components to attach in CPU and decrease the temperature.

You can’t upgrade your laptop as comper to desktop because in the desktop you upgrade hole PC and upgrade components and you upgrade peripherals like monitor, mouse, and keyboard, etc. In a laptop, you upgrade the ram, HDD, SSD, etc but you can’t upgrade laptop screen, keypad, and mouse pad.

You select a laptop or desktop for gaming and you are streamer then you must buy a desktop. the desktop is easy to repair and repair cost is zero in desktop because you build pc at home in an easy way. But on the laptop, you can’t repair it and repair the cost is high. You can’t upgrade your self.

The next point is screen size in the desktop you buy any size of the screen but on a laptop, the max size of the screen is 17 inch and you can’t change the screen in laptop. that’way you get a better screen then you get desktop and resolution is important because in laptop can’t give a better resolution screen and you get a better resolution screen then you invest more money. In desktop, you get better resolution at a better price. You comper to screen and screen resolution then you go for a desktop.

The most important part in select the laptop or desktop is usablity.main reason for mack a laptop is usability then you buy the laptop. You are a student and other work and you can’t stay any one place then you buy the laptop and other think is no space in your house then you buy the laptop.

Witch one you choose a laptop or desktop?
laptop – you get low power usage and portability , and small size screen and usability, and no more space in your house , you can’t stay in the home and normal gaming then you buy the laptop,

desktop- You are a gamer as well as a streamer and video editor and another heavy workload. you get better performance and the best screen size and you buy the best graphics card for paly games then you buy the desktop.

You are a student or employee and you are a businessman then you buy the laptop and gaming and streaming and another workload you buy the desktop.

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