New CPU from Intel: Intel preparing new 10 gen-KA series processors

In 2020, Intel launched her 10 Gen Intel processors based on 14nm process technology. Recently we saw the new CPU from Intel 10 gen core i9 10850K processor and this processor launch in July.
This week we heard rumors or leaks of new CPU from Intel 10 gen KA series processors and this is Unlock processor. These rumors listed for only 10 gen intel core i9 series processors. In these rumors, we can’t get other KA series processors.
This data comes from some European stores, This data for Intel I9 KA series processors. The KA series processor is cheaper as comper to k series processors and expensive as comper to the Intel kF series.
As per video cards, price comparison on listings-
  • Core i9-10900KA costs -2.1% low as comper to Core i9-10900K
  • Core i9-10850KA and Core i9-10850K processor costs are the same
  • Core i9-10700KA costs -1.2% low as comper to Core i7-10700K
  • Core i9-10600KA costs -2.8% low as comper to i5-10600K

Intel new processor i9 10850k: specification, and price and launch Date

Recently we heard rumors and leak of unannounced Core i9 has been discovered. In these leaks, we got a 10gen intel i9 10850k. The I9 10850k processor is APU because in this processor got Intel UHD Graphics 630 processor graphics.

Base clock speed

  • The 10 gen Intel Core i9-10600KA base clock speed is 4.1GHz
  • The 10 gen Intel Core i9-10850KA base clock speed is 3.6GHz
  • The 10 gen Intel Core i9-10900KA base clock speed is 3.7GHz
  • The 10 gen Intel Core i9-10700KA base clock speed is 3.8GHz
As per video cards, The new 10 gen Intel i9-10900KA, i9-10850KA, are 10 core and 20 threads processors. The new 10 gen Intel Core i9-10700KA is 8 cores and 16 threads processor and the last new 10 gen intel core i9-10600KA is 6 cores and 12 threads processor.

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