NVIDIA next-gen Quadro RTX Ampere spotted with 48GB of GDDR6 memory

Today we got some leaks related to the Quadro RTX Ampere series are emerging. Today we got a screenshot from NVIDIA Control Panel showcasing yet unreleased configuration of the Ampere graphics card shared by  Moore’s Law is Dead. He later confirmed it is a Quadro model. 
The card would allegedly feature 10752 CUDA cores and 48 GB of GDDR6 memory (non-X). This would mean that the next-gen Quadro has 256 CUDA cores more as comper to the big monster Geforce RTX 3090 graphics card and twice the memory. Interestingly the Quadro would not feature GDDR6X memory technology and the speed will be capped at 16.0 Gbps ( lower then RTX 3090), the highest frequency available for this technology. Micron currently does not produce 16Gbit (2GB) GDDR6X modules so NVIDIA had no choice but to use GDDR6 instead. There are plans for a higher density GDDR6X module production next year. 
The card would retain a 384-bit memory bus interface though, but with the reduced speed, it effectively lowers the bandwidth to 768 GB/s, just 8GB/s more than GeForce RTX 3080 (760GB/s).
The NVIDIA Quadro RTX Ampere series GPU has been rumored for a long time. In July the KittyCorgi was share the info related top the Quadro RTX Ampere series on the Quadro A8000 (a possible name for the card) and they also confirmed the card would feature 48GB of memory.
It is unclear if the new series will in fact be called Ax000. Quadro series have usually kept rather a simple naming schema by increasing the second number in the product series name (for instance: RTX 8000 -> RTX 8100).
NVIDIA will host a GTC Online event on October 5 and hosted by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, where new Quadro RTX graphics cards are likely to be unveiled.

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