Full info about select laptops?

Before you choose a laptop first you choose your work. Your work is gaming and streaming then you can’t buy the laptop but you are a student and employ then you buy the laptop. you are employed and you can’t stay in one place and you can’t have space in your house and you get compatibility then you buy the laptop.

Before you buy the laptop you know about the laptop. the laptop is a compress version of desktop and you get high performance then you invest more money. You can’t upgrade laptops as comper to desktop.

before you buy the laptop you choose your work. First, you select the processor for a laptop. The laptop processor calls the mobile processor. first, launch the desktop processor then after launch mobile processor. You select the processor.

After you select the processor then you select the graphics card. In mobile GPU you see the specification like memory type, memory speed, boost, and turbo frequency and you must see the architecture of GPU.

After you select the GPU then you select RAM and in 2020 you must have a minimum 8GB DDR4 ram stick in the laptop.in ram, you see specification like memory speed and frequency, etc. Then after you select the SSD/HDD. In a laptop you get SSD then you must have one HDD slot because you get only SSD slot Then you can’t upgrade in HDD and SSD cost is high as comper to HDD. Another most important part is the screen you must have IPS panel,1920x1080p resolution, size of the screen.

You select all components then the most important part is witch laptop brand sell laptop in that particular specification because laptops are launch by the branded company like Asus, dell, Hp, etc. You can’t choose components and build a laptop. The brands are launching the laptops and you are satisfied with that specification then you buy. Then witch one is the best desktop or laptop

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